Monday, January 16, 2012

Giving Your Old Toms New Life

Here is another pair of Toms that were worn out so I decided to give them a face lift. This is a black glittery pair of Toms, which made photographing much harder. You can not really see the progress as well as with the pink pair.
This pair of Toms did not have huge holes on the toes but they had begun to crack on the sides where your foot naturally bends. Because of this I decided to cover the entire front of the shoe. I chose black lace, because I like the look of the original black glitter Toms and didn't want to completely cover all of that up. Since there weren't holes like the last pair I was able to use this see through fabric. Using lace created a problem, I had to be very careful applying the lace over the glue to make sure the glue didn't seep through the fabric. 

 I applied the lace over the entire top of the shoe. I covered the elastic piece that comes to a triangle on the top of the foot, but I put glue around the triangle. When the glue had set up I trimmed the lace away very carefully.
Next I applied another piece of lace across the angle that I followed on the pink glitter Tom with the silver sequence fabric. The lace had a finished scallop edge so I used that to cover the angle. I finished by adding a black trim along the top of the shoe by the opening for your foot. I thought this gave it a more finished look, plus it covered a bit of glue that had seeped through. It is really hard to see the detail on the finished product in the pictures, but trust me they turned out really cute!

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